Design Process

Spark of Creation: In the beginning, there is always the idea. This spark, however fleeting or abstract, forms the nucleus of our creative process. At Mekhann, we understand the value of these individual sparks and nurture each one, knowing it could evolve into a significant aspect of our design.

Collective Ideation: Once the spark has been kindled, we encourage it to grow into a flame during the brainstorming stage. Our design team engages in vibrant exchanges of thoughts, exploring the depths and breadths of creative possibilities, mining for the gems of design that align with our ethos.

Knowledge Harvest: The selected ideas are then anchored in the rich soil of research. From the historical origins of traditional motifs to the nuances of architectural patterns, we delve deep into various domains, ensuring our designs are authentic, informed, and infused with depth and meaning.

Convergence of Concepts: Having amassed a wealth of knowledge, we then proceed to refine our ideas. Through a meticulous decision-making process, we ensure that the chosen concepts align with the Mekhann ethos and contribute towards our vision of blending tradition with modernity.

Blueprinting: With the refined concepts as our guide, we embark on the first stage of actual design: sketching. Each pencil stroke is a tangible step forward in our creative journey, the blueprint of the masterpiece to come.

Fine-tuning: The initial sketches are not the end, however. They undergo several iterations, each element detailed and perfected, echoing our unwavering commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship and our respect for the meticulous art of hand embroidery.

Digitising the Dream: The journey then shifts from the physical to the digital. The refined sketch is translated into a digital format, using modern technology to capture the nuances of our design and make final adjustments.

Colouring Our Canvas: With the digital design in hand, we venture into the realm of colours. Hand-picked hues breathe life into our design, each thread weaving together a symphony of colours that encapsulates our aesthetic vision.

Culmination: The final stage is the creation of the original design. This tangible manifestation of our collective vision serves as the guiding beacon for our artisans, allowing them to bring our dreams to life, stitch by meticulous stitch.