Reeling: Our journey takes its first step with the subtle art of silk reeling. With meticulous care and precision, we unravel the delicate threads from the silk cocoon, laying the robust foundation of our exquisitely handcrafted creations.

Natural Dying: Celebrating nature's abundant colour palette, we heartily embrace the traditional process of natural dying. Each vibrant hue that graces our textiles is a borrowed gift from nature herself, a testimony to her endless generosity.

Tie Dying: Adding to the vibrant colours, we introduce depth and intrigue through the creative art of tie-dying, establishing captivating patterns that lend a mesmerising backdrop for our richly detailed designs to unfold.

Handloom Weaving: At this stage, the masterful skill of our artisans takes centre stage in the intricate dance of handloom weaving. Each carefully measured weave shapes our dyed threads into a welcoming canvas for our artistic expressions to bloom.

Preparation of Base and Yarns: With our beautiful canvas prepared, we conscientiously ready the base fabric and handpick the finest yarns. Each chosen thread holds the promise of unmatched beauty and brilliant craftsmanship.

Hand Embroidery Process with Chain Stitch Technique: Here, the delicate act of embroidery commences. Our talented artisans breathe life into our well-considered designs with unmatched precision, boundless patience, and the timeless chain stitch technique, thus transforming our base fabric into a vivid narrative spun diligently in thread.

Finalisation: Our labour of love culminates in the creation of the original design. This tangible, physical embodiment of our shared vision guides our artisans, allowing them to etch each individual thread meticulously, encapsulating the distinctive essence and soul of Mekhann.